UC Berkeley’s P4 seeking volunteers for its Professional Saturday


UC Berkeley's P4 is looking for volunteer attorneys to facilitate a workshop for the students, details are as follows:

Resume Critiques: Professionals will be critiquing, marking and giving advice to students' resumes on a rotational basis, as well as answering any questions they may have.
Elevator Pitch Creation: Students will be giving professionals a 60-second "elevator pitch" in which they will introduce themselves to a professional/imaginary firm that they want to work for (pitches will consist of an introduction, why they're interested, how they qualify, etc.). The idea of the pitch is based on the fact that because there will be moments where a professional is in a rush to get somewhere and will not have time to fully talk, it is important for a student to get a rough idea of how they can introduce themselves to a professional and acquire their business card in a rushed situation, while leaving a lasting impression.
Mock Interview: Professionals will have a one-on-one interview (questions will be provided) with a student and will then critique the students' performance on a rotational basis.
Case Study: A sample scenario will be given to a student group (more details will be sent to those who are facilitating this) and professionals will facilitate as students analyze the case and attempt to come up with a reasonable solution. Afterwards, professionals will give constructive feedback and advice.
RSVP here.  Contact Joanne Chua for more information: p4external.law@gmail.com