BASF CLE: “Protecting your Client’s Rights: CA Post Conviction Relief for Immigrants”

What: "Protecting your Client's Rights: CA Post Conviction Relief for Immigrants"
When: January 14th 5:00 Registration 5:30-6:30 Program
Where: BASF Conference Center 301 Battery Street, 3rd Floor  San Francisco, CA 94111 
Speakers: Michael Mehr  (Law Offices of Michael Mehr) Norton Tooby
(Law Offices of Norton Tooby)
• Effective Order: What kinds of post-conviction orders are effective in eliminating adverse immigration consequences of California convictions?

• Post-Conviction Vehicles: What post-conviction procedures are capable of doing so, and what are their requirements?

• Grounds of Legal/Invalidity: What common grounds of legal invalidity can be used to vacate convictions? 

• Equities: What role do favorable sentencing factors play in obtaining effective post-conviction relief for immigrants? 

• New Legislation: What effect do the passage of Prop 47 and new Penal Code § 18.5 have on post-conviction relief?
BASF Post Conviction Relief For Immigrants