NAPABA Affiliate Dues Received – Code Enclosed

Current NAPABA affiliate membership with NAPABA expired on 12/31/16.  However, as an FBANC paid member, you may renew your NAPABA membership for free.  Contact Membership Directors Ray Rollan or Katrina Romero to get the code.  The code expires on December, 31, 2017. 

To renew your membership with FBANC membership ($65 for all employed attorneys and $25 for law students) you may pay via Paypal or by mail:

PayPal: For your convenience, you may pay membership dues electronically on-line by using PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to select this option. Once you have gone to PayPal and logged on to your account, simply click on the "Send Money" tab and send the appropriate amount to

By Mail: If you would like to pay your dues by postage, please mail your check to the Filipino Bar Association of Northern California, 268 Bush Street, #2928, San Francisco, CA 94104.

We truly appreciate your continued support of FBANC.