Join the California Women Lawyers In House Counsel Network for its Signature Puzzle Series Program

The California Women Lawyers (CWL) In House Counsel Network has a Signature Puzzle Series Program exclusively for women who are in-house counsel.  The Puzzle Series Program is a 4-part series, in which participants can meet together in a confidential setting to share ideas, common goals, and discuss issues that affect most women who are in-house. The Puzzle Series is designed as follows: (1) to help in-house women from various companies around the State to meet and connect; and (2) to maintain that connection with each other; and (3) to provide a “safe place” for open and candid discussions. Participants are asked to attend at least 2 sessions in order get the full benefit of the program and to be invited to the exclusive Retreat (set for the Four Seasons at Westlake Village on October 13-14).  Last year, the Puzzle Series was mainly concentrated in Northern California.  This year, CWL wants to include Southern California into the program and bring both regions together at the Retreat. CWL has received great support from the legal community and this program will not disappoint.


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