Electronic Frontier Foundation is Seeking a Staff Attorney

Electronic Frontier Foundation ("EFF") is looking for a Racial Justice Litigation Specialist to join their legal team and assist in working up and leading impact litigation at the intersection of civil rights, civil liberties, and technology. EFF wants to add racial justice and civil rights expertise to our existing legal team with the goal of being more pro-active in bringing racial justice and civil rights cases stemming from issues in surveillance technologies used by both governments and large, powerful, private actors.

EFF is a San Francisco-based, donor-supported, non-profit civil liberties organization working to protect and promote fundamental liberties in the digital world. Through direct advocacy, impact litigation, and technological innovation, EFF’s team of attorneys, activists, and technologists encourage and challenge industry, government, and courts to support free expression, privacy, and transparency in the information society. EFF has over 40,000 dues-paying members and represents the interests of everyday users of the Internet.

For more information go to:  https://www.eff.org/opportunities/jobs/staff-attorney-racial-justice-litigation-specialist