NAPABA 2018 Officer Election Results & New Call for Nominations (Deadline October 22)

FBANC congratulates the newly elected officers of the NAPABA Board of Governors for the 2018-2019 year.  They will be sworn into office at the 30th Anniversary Gala during the 2018 NAPABA Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

President-Elect – Bonnie Lee Wolf

Vice President for Finance and Development – Courtney Fong*

Vice President for Membership – Alen Hsu

Vice President for Program and Operations – Charles Jung

Vice President for Communications – Avanti Bakane

Treasurer – Gary Zhao

Secretary – Jeffrey Javinar

*Courtney Fong has withdrawn his candidacy to be Vice President for Finance and Development.  You can read a statement from him HERE.  The NAPABA Nominating and Elections Committee will be conducting a new election to select a Vice President for Finance and Development on an expedited basis.  Please see the NAPABA Call for Nominations website for more information.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to