Los Angeles City Attorney’s Labor Relations Division – Deputy City Attorney Position

POSITION: Attorney in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Labor Relations Division. This  position is open to both current City Attorney employees and outside applicants.

SECTION: The Labor Relations Division counsels and represents most of City government in employee relations and labor matters:

  1. The legal aspects of employee and labor relations in City government encompasses a vast subject matter consisting of law developed at the federal, state, and local government levels concerning, as notable examples, the discipline of employees, collective bargaining with employee organizations, the operation of civil service and similar systems, equal employment opportunity, wage/hour requirements, and workplace violence (WV) prevention. One of the primary goals of the Division is to proactively work with Departments in order to reduce or eliminate the filing of new employment or labor related lawsuits. The work of the Division consists of handling advisory requests generated in this subject area with respect to most of greater City government, with the exception of most matters involving LAPD and the proprietary departments, and recognizing areas requiring proactive advice.
  2. The Division’s resources are also devoted to handling administrative cases brought by employees and their unions, or administrative agencies, such as Cal-OSHA. The administrative litigation takes place in hearings within the City and before courts and administrative agencies at the state and federal level.
  3. The Division houses the Office’s Workplace Violence Prevention Unit, which takes WV reports, assists in violence assessments and security concerns, and obtains restraining orders, as needed, for all City departments and entities, including proprietary departments.
  4. These responsibilities commonly bring Division attorneys into contact with City elected officials and City departmental executive management.

DUTIES: It is anticipated that the selected attorney will initially be assigned to advice, advocacy and workplace violence prevention matters.


  1. Five or more years of legal practice;
  2. Demonstrated high-level written and oral communication skills; and
  3. Strong organizational and problem solving skills, and the ability to prioritize and concurrently complete multiple assignments.


  1. Knowledge of labor and employment law;
  2. Experience and ability in dealing with governmental agencies and public officials;
  3. Experience in resolving and advising on complex and/or sensitive matters;
  4. Experience with municipal law (including the Ralph M. Brown Act, Fair Employment and Housing Act, California Public Records Act, and Public Employee Relations Board); and
  5. Ability to deal effectively with public officials and departmental executive management and personnel, as well as members of the public.

A command of administrative law, such as arbitrations or other hearings, and experience in employment/labor is strongly preferred. Whether the applicant has had prior litigation experience will be a consideration given the goals of the Division, but will not be a prerequisite to application. Primary attention will be directed to the applicant’s overall capabilities as an attorney. Essential to the practice in the Division are strengths in legal research and writing, oral advocacy, and the exercise of sound judgment.

Applicants must have strong speaking skills, as the selected attorney must be able to speak on various topics in conducting training in the areas of discrimination, harassment, and workplace violence prevention to various departments, elected offices, and Neighborhood Councils, as needed.

WRITING SAMPLE: Candidates are required to submit a recent writing sample, of which they were the primary author.

PROBATION: Appointment to this exempt position (non-Civil Service) will be subject to a two (2) year probationary period as required by Section 1050 of the City Charter. Successful completion of the two (2) year probationary period will result in tenure with the office.

APPLICATION AND DEADLINE: Attorneys interested in applying should submit a resume, writing sample, and cover letter specifying “DCA – LABOR RELATIONS” in ONE (1) pdf file via email only to atty.recruit@lacity.org.

Interested applicants who have applied in the last 12 months should submit an updated resume and cover letter to be considered. Selected applicants who have applied in the last 12 months may be re-interviewed.

Position announcement will remain open until position is filled.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: This position is designated on Category 15 of the Conflict of Interest Code. Attorneys in the Division are members of the Confidential Attorneys Unit (MOU 31) for purposes of meeting and conferring over the terms and conditions of employment.