Los Angeles City Attorney – Deputy City Attorney Position.

POSITION: Neighborhood Prosecutor in the Safe Neighborhoods and Gang Division.

DIVISION: The Safe Neighborhoods and Gang Division (SNAGD) is comprised of the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program (NPP), Anti-Sex and Labor Trafficking Program, Cannabis Abatement and Prosecution Section, Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program, Gang and Gun Prosecution Section, and Neighborhood School Safety Program.

A neighborhood prosecutor is assigned to each of the 21 LAPD Divisions.  Staff is located in assigned geographic areas, either in LAPD stations, City Attorney Branch offices, Constituent Services Centers, or other neighborhood facilities.

The goal of the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program is to improve the quality of life in the many diverse communities in the City of Los Angeles.  A proactive approach to resolving problems is utilized by establishing working partnerships with law enforcement and the community.  This program is designed to prioritize and address quality of life crimes involving social disorder and physical decay. These crimes range from drug and gang activity, street prostitution, illegal vending, trespassing, zoning violations, and acts of vandalism, to graffiti, illegal dumping, code violations, trash, and visual blight.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Neighborhood Prosecutor will be responsible for the following:

  • Vertical prosecution of quality-of-life crimes prioritized by the community and law enforcement;
  • Working directly with the community, the City Council, and law enforcement to focus resources on problem offenders, offenses and locations;
  • Working with abatement attorneys to abate nuisance activity at problem properties and evict tenants engaged in drug, gang, or other violent activity, or who illegally possess weapons or ammunition;
  • Coordinating efforts and communicating with the various operations within the Branch Operations Division, Special Litigation Division, and SNAGD;
  • Implementing multi-agency responses with the Department of Building and Safety, Department of Public Works, Housing & Community Investment Department, Planning Department, and other regulatory agencies;
  • Attending LAPD crime control and Compstat meetings;
  • Serving as a prosecutorial resource to police officers, including roll call training;    
  • Active participation in community meetings, including evenings and weekends, to identify and prioritize neighborhood problems;
  • Meeting regularly with field deputies from Council Offices located within the assigned police division;
  • Developing and implementing mechanisms to accurately monitor crime reduction and deterrence;
  • Providing regular status reports to management and maintaining current status log entries in the NPP and related databases; and,
  • Developing and implementing creative strategies and responses, including legislation, to deter crime.


Required qualifications:

  • Prosecutorial experience.
  • Excellent trial and oral advocacy skills, as well as sound research and writing skills.
  • The ability to manage and vertically prosecute a criminal caseload.
  • The ability to interface with law enforcement, the City Council, city agencies, and the community, and to conduct meetings.
  • Working knowledge of the legal remedies available to resolve quality of life crime problems, including criminal, civil, and administrative sanctions.
  • Working knowledge of communities, including existing relationships with law enforcement, regulatory agencies, neighborhood groups, and business leaders.
  • Demonstrated experience in coordinating non-prosecutorial responses with other agencies.
  • The ability to work independently and off site.
  • The ability and willingness to work some evenings and weekends.
  • A minimum two-year commitment to the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program is expected.

WRITING SAMPLE: Candidates are required to submit a writing sample personally authored by them, which may be a recent brief, research memo, or legal memorandum. Candidates should also submit a brief job statement not to exceed one page explaining why they want this position, and what they deem to be their primary goal if accepted for this position.

PROBATION: Appointment to these exempt positions (non-Civil-Service) will be subject to a two (2) year probationary period as required by Section 1050 of the City Charter.  Successful completion of the two (2) year probationary period will result in tenure with the office.

APPLICATION AND DEADLINE: Attorneys interested in applying should submit the following four (4) documents in one (1) PDF file: cover letter specifying “DCA – NPP (YOUR CALIFORNIA BAR NUMBER),” resume, job statement not exceeding one page, and writing sample to atty.recruit@lacity.org by Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

*Note: If you have applied for this position in the last 6 months, you need not apply again. Your application will be reconsidered for this new position at your request.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: These positions are designated Category 3 on Schedule B of the Conflict of Interest Code.