FBANC 2019-2020 Survey – MUST READ!!

Calling all attorneys and law students interested in the Filipino Bar Association of Northern California (FBANC)!  Please take our 2019 survey, which should take no more than five minutes!  

The survey is your way to tell us if you are interested in being linked up with an FBANC mentor or mentee, participating in community service, or engaging with our professional development programming.  This survey is also your way to show your commitment to our community!  

You can find the survey here:  https://tinyurl.com/y4x7ubmf

Thank you!  

Maria Segarra, Mentorship Comm. Co-Chair (mariasegarra@fbanc.org). 

Antonio Raimundo, Mentorship Comm. Co-Chair. (antonioraimundo@fbanc.org).

Chriselle Raguro, Community Outreach Comm. Co-Chair (chriselleraguro@fbanc.org).

Rena Sera, Community Outreach Comm. Co-Chair (renasera@fbanc.org).

Janice Reicher, Prof. Dev. Comm. Co-Chair (janicereicher@fbanc.org).

Maribeth Charvet, Prof. Dev. Comm. Co-Chair (maribethcharvet@fbanc.org).