FBANC Signs On Letter Demanding That SF Chronicle Apologize For Article RE: Pistahan Parade and Festival

FBANC joined a letter today demanding that the San Francisco Chronicle apologize for an August 10 article belittling the 26th Annual Pistahan Parade and Festival. Among other things, that article ignored the celebration’s origins, focusing instead on crowd size and the items being sold at the event. The Chronicle eventually issued a revised article on August 11 but offered no explanation or apology.

FBANC encourages its community to also sign on to the letter. If you are interested in doing so, email pistahansf@gmail.com with your name, job title, and organization name. The deadline to do so is tomorrow, August 20.

Read on for the response message and demand for an apology from Filipino-American community leaders: http://mailchi.mp/36ed67386122/pistahanfestivalsfchronicle
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