CALIFORNIA STATE TRANSPORTATION AGENCY (CalSTA) – Deputy Secretary and General Counsel

Overall Role and Responsibility:

Serve as the legal counsel and principal legal advisor to the Secretary and Undersecretary and all California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) staff regarding matters affecting CalSTA’s issues, programs, and departments and coordinate CalSTA legal matters with the various departments. Provide general policy and strategic advice on CalSTA issues as needed.

Specific Duties:

  • Consult with and provide advice, both oral and written, to the Secretary, Undersecretary and staff on the interpretation and analysis of law, court decisions, and rules and regulations affecting CalSTA or Departments.
  • Perform complex legal work for the agency including identifying, interpreting and analyzing any legal issue associated with any of the Administration’s or CalSTA’s major program, fiscal, public affairs, legislative, or intergovernmental issues or policies.
  • Serve as the principal liaison with the Governor’s Legal Affairs Office
  • Coordinate with and assist Chief Counsels on legal issues generally, including review of pleadings as necessary
  • Coordinate, assist and oversee the preparation of issue papers (e.g., draft Governor’s Office Action Requests (GOARs) prepared by CalSTA departments recommending CalSTA and/or Administration policies that involve significant legal questions.
  • Coordinate with and assist departments on legal Review contracts and other contractual or policy documents that require the Secretary’s signature
  • Prepare appropriate delegations of the Secretary’s authority as needed
  • Consult and coordinate with the Attorney General’s (AG) Office on legal and policy issues and serve as liaison with the AG’s Office for the departments
  • Interpret and advise staff along with the Special Counsel on conflict of interest, ethics training and incompatibility of office doctrine or any other Fair Political Practices Act issues
  • Interpret, analyze, and assist in drafts of proposed legislation, including proposed budget language
  • Assure and facilitate staff compliance with all necessary legally required training
  • Implement and update a Records Retention policy for CalSTA
  • Assist the Special Counsel in reviewing regulatory packages from Departments for any legal issues prior to review by the Office of Administrative Law
  • Build relationships with departments’ staff and learn their programs and policies so that legal issues are resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Build relationships with stakeholders, as needed both public and private
  • Represent the Secretary and Undersecretary in policy discussions and meetings
  • Ensure that the Department’s Legal Offices are operating smoothly
  • Provide customer service to CalSTA constituents as needed
  • Assist in evaluation of departmental performance, organization structure, finances and operating policies to promote efficient operation of government
  • Participate in CalSTA activities as requested or delegated by the Secretary

Reporting Relationship(s):

The Deputy Secretary and General Counsel reports to the Secretary and

Significant interaction with:

  • Governor’s Office, particularly Legal Affairs and Cabinet
  • Chief and General Counsels of the various CalSTA departments
  • CalSTA Secretary, Undersecretary, Deputy Secretaries, and Directors
  • Occasionally, outside counsel and other representatives and/or advocates of external entities

This is a political appointment and interested candidates will need to apply online via the Governor’s website: