Mentorship Committee

The FBANC Mentorship Committee serves as a resource for law students, recent graduates, and newer attorneys.  


  • Maria Segarra, FBANC Mentorship Committee Co-Chair
  • Antonio Raimundo, FBANC Mentorship Committee Co-Chair


Fall 2019 mentorship event – TBD

Spring 2020 mentorship event – TBD


Patrick Hormillosa.  “I joined FBANC during my 2L year of law school and as part of their membership, I was enrolled in the mentorship program.   I was paired with an attorney, Natalie Garcia, who immediately reached out to me to schedule a time to grab from coffee. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Natalie who not only gave me advice on my resume and bar studies but asked me to work on a few legal research and writing projects at her firm, Lepera + Associates. She was always willing to give me guidance and feedback as well as share her experiences. As a result of Natalie’s introduction, I was later asked to return to Lepera + Associates during post-bar and was ultimately hired as an attorney at the firm.  FBANC’s mentorship program has had a significant and meaningful impact on me and I believe it is an invaluable opportunity for law students to connect with attorneys who are open to sharing their experiences in the legal profession.” 

Liz Medrano.  “Upon joining the Pilipino American Law Society at Hastings, I was thrilled to learn about FBANC and was especially excited about the mentorship program.  I signed up immediately and around December I got paired with my mentor Paul Rivera. Getting paired with Paul has undoubtedly been one of the most positive experiences for me in law school (I probably haven’t told Paul this in person yet, but it’s true!!).  It was amazing to be paired with a Filipino attorney who was also a fellow Berkeley alum (Go Bears!) as well as a Hastings alum. He even externed in the same office that I did during my 1L Summer!  . . . . Having this connection in my 1L year gave me so much hope and confidence that there are people out there who want to support me and see me succeed. Thank you Paul and also thank you to FBANC for providing these kinds of connections and mentorships for law students.  There are not many Filipinos represented in this field, so being able to see attorneys who look like me and who want to help me has been nothing short of inspiring.”