Women’s Committee: Pinay Powerhouse

Established in 2015, the FBANC Women’s Committee was created to provide an independent space where Pinay law students and attorneys can articulate issues and strategize how to engage the Filipino-American community and support Pinay representation in senior and leadership positions.  We aim to provide networking and mentorship opportunities and provide meaningful resources for our members.  

Women's Committee Co-Chairs

Mari Bandoma Callado, Co-Chair (Pinay Powerhous Co-Founder)

Angelica Zabanal, Co-Chair

Women's Committee Members

Christine P. Start (Pinay Powerhouse Visionary Founder)

Lorna Garcia de Guzman (Pinay Powerhous Co-Founder)

Vanessa Candelaria (Pinay Powerhous Co-Founder)

Joan Rabutaso Camagong

Jeanne Grove

Natalie Garcia Lashinksy

Vanessa Leonardo

Jennifer Sta.Ana (Pinay Powerhous Co-Founder)

2018-2019 Events/Announcements

Past Events

Past Women's Committee Chairs